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Loose Master Bedroom Door Hinge Repair


I received a call from a gentleman who complained that his bedroom door hinges came loose from the wall.

In this case the door hinges were not installed properly. In most cases there are three hinges to a door and three screws per hinge. Normally one of the screws is a long one. The long screw gives the door hinges extra support. This door only had one long screw into the wood framing.

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This door however was 40 inches wide and solid wood. This door must have weighed 300 pounds. And there it was barely hooked to the frame and sitting on the floor. This was a very beautiful home and the solid wood doors through out the house definitely made a statement.

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In this case I repaired the door hinge holes by first tapping some wedge shaped pine into the stripped screw holes. I coated the wood "plugs" in fast setting glue. I gave the plugs about an hour to dry.

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After the glue dried I replaced the screws in the middle hinge and the top hinge with 31/2" deck screws. All the holes took a screw well. And the hinge was tight again. We decided to leave the door shimmed up on the bottom end for a few days to let the glue dry completely.

As usual with this type damage the door hinge mortise was damaged by the door being opened and closed when the hinge was loose. I was able to use some stainable wood filler to cover the damaged wood.

When I use deck screws I have to try to match the color of the original screw heads. In this case the hardware was a very pretty bronze.

I can't give up my secret but as usual Fred and I came up with a pretty good color match. You'd have to look pretty close to notice the repair.

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