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Privacy Gate Repair On A Budget


I got a call from a homeowner that has a gate on the side of their house. This gate was a double gate that opened up about fourteen feet.

I felt kind of sorry for these folks, they had several guys out to work on this gate over the last year or so and they still were having problems.

I see it very often the gate sags and it drags the ground. In this case somebody installed a wheel so the gate had something to ride on instead of drag on the ground.

One guy was supposed to stain the gate, all he did was leave a sprayer full of stain by the gate and he was never seen again.

When it comes to privacy fence gates it seems to me that everybody sees this as a place in your home repair matters that you can cut corners and save a few bucks.

I don’t recommend you save a few bucks when it comes to your gates. You have to pass through them regularly and what a pain when they don’t work right. I always seem to have my hands full pf yard tools, tree branches or empty pizza boxes when my gate is acting up.

My customer was not ready to replace this set of gates with new, so we did the best repair we could with the budget we were given.

Here is what we did.

This is what the gate looked like before we started. You can see the broken cross brace.

The cross brace that was on the gate was broken, however it was installed with one lag bolt that didn't even have a washer on it.

The gate sagged so bad that somebody installed a wheel to keep it off the ground. Ti is hard to see in the picture but the when the gate was closed, the wheel landed right in front of a sprinkler head.


Some body moved the gates when they were fixing the fence problem and then the gate landed exactly on the sprinkler head.

This is my least favorite type of gate latch. This particular latch did not lign up and the owner couldn't latch it. Not only that but the latch was installed upside down.

I started by raising the gate up to the point that it was level. That gave us some clearance at the bottom of the gate.

The ground slopes down quite a bit and that is the reason one side of the gate is slightly lower thatn the other.

After the gate was raised up where it was supposed to be  the wheel no longer touched the ground.

You can see the cross brace I replaced is not a fence picket slat. To often repair men use fence picket slats as cross braces, this will never work well. The slats are not long enough to reach from each corner of the gate. I always use dimensional lumber for braces.

One thing I do quite often is replace the short lag bolts with through bolts. This helps keep the gate together.

Most fence panels are assembled with nails. Nails allow the fence panels to slpi and sag. After I got a brace on and the gate in the position it should be in, I put two screws in every other fence slat. That will definately hold things in place.


If I can help you with any fence, gate or other repairs at your home please contact me.