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Pool Safety Fence Is Crucial To Family Safety and Peace of Mind 

Edmond Oklahoma Families and their friends enjoy swimming pools while providing a safe, fun environment.

Many home-builders, contractors, pool supply companies and handyman service providers can install pool safety fences.

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One of our customers recently moved into a new home with a great pool. The back yard was fenced to keep people from accidentally gaining access to the entire backyard. My customer has small children and wanted the ability to let the younger children play in the back yard while not being able to gain access to the pool.

The homeowner chose to use a fairly readily available fence material that was available in pressure treated lumber. The choice of this fence type was based on the low cost and the ease of customizing the fence layout. The choice turned out to be a very good one for this application.

We incorporated the existing sun-room into the pool security plan by including some door closers and deadbolt locks located near the top of the sunroom doors. We installed three gates in the fence. The gates all opened out with self-closing hinges.

The gates also had latches that were located at the top inside of the gate. The slats in the fence were less than 4” center to center. Toddlers can't climb or squeeze through fence uprights at this distance. We left the 4x4 center support posts about 6 to 8 feet high; they make a great place to hang some flowering plants.

A few simple electric outlets and some outdoor lighting made this a great safe outdoor space.

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Her are a few basic pool safety fence guidelines.

Thank you, John Young More About Spa and Pool


Safety PLEASE NOTE: The safety tips listed above are provided as a tool to help you, your family and guests enjoy a safe water environment. They are not intended as an exclusive reference for those using a residential swimming area or as a substitute for professional advice. Please refer to a qualified pool expert regarding proper safety installation and operation of your pool or spa as well as safety measures and equipment.


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