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Garbage Disposal Repair, Not What You Think. Broken Glass Is An Easy Fix!


I received a call from one of our customers. They thought their garbage disposal was broken and would have to be replaced. I did some checking and I was able to determine that thankfully the disposal was not ruined. I checked everything I could and finally discovered a small glass measuring cup had fallen through the sink drain, broken and was jamming the cutters on the disposal.


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I replace quite a few disposals each month. Most need to be replaced when my customer calls. Sometimes a disposal will act stuck or seem like it needs to be replaced and it simply needs to have something inside it removed. It’s best to leave this job to an experienced handyman.


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I know how much my Mother dislikes service men that make a mess or damage her home and accessories. I will treat your home the way I know my Mom would like to have her home treated.


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I always put drop cloths on the floor when I set up to work in your home. As you can see I have protected all the areas I am going to work on.

Thankfully I was able to clear the glass from the cutters and the disposal is running fine.